21 December 2010

Oh no, another PR blog!

Hello and Welcome to my blog – Burn Your PR Book!

You probably might ask yourself: What’s up with the name? Do you burn books? Do you think you are smarter than everyone else? Do you worship Satan? Are you stupid?

Well, I guess a bit of everything, but mainly I wanted to create a slightly provocative platform to spark discussions on interesting marketing/PR related topics and to have a communication platform of my own to connect with the worldwide marketing and PR audience out there. I think it'll be interesting to read about certain topics from the point of view of an academic PR student who still has some sort of 'innocent' mind set. Who knows, maybe I come up with interesting point of views or maybe all my ideas are completely worthless, but hey, at least I'm trying. Speaking of which, sorry for not introducing myself: I am Stefano.

Enough of me and more to the blog. It’s a bit empty in here right now, but before you throw this site back into your Web2.0-trash-bin-for-blogs, check out what future topics I want to cover:
  • Transparency within agencies – Why?
  • New ways to create awareness
  • The PR industry in 10 years
  • Why you lost your pitch!
  • You as a brand, online
  • How real-life experiences amplify your brand and your message
  • Integrated Social Networking – Why I, and hopefully everyone else, hate it!
  • PR Academics – Why PR degrees are important… or not?
  • Jack Morton Worldwide: White Paper No. 16 – Global spending in Hong Kong – How the markets from the east are changing
I hope everyone finds a topic they find interesting and I am constantly getting new ideas that I may post in this blog in the near future. I might throw in a book review or two (burrrrn) so keep an eye on that as well (or perhaps you have a suggestion for me?). What this blog is not trying to be, is to be a link-forwarding, BS-twittering "Hey, you gotta see this!" (I know, it's sad) blog like so many others are out there. Because guess what, your link probably has been posted on 100 other blogs and websites already! I might take bits an pieces of information from other sources to get inspired, or maybe even give a small analysis and comments of my own, but essentially, I try to post things from my own point of view. Most importantly however, I hope that everyone enjoys this slightly satire and humoristic infected blog and its articles.

Looking forward for some feedback from the pros and comments from fellow marketing and PR students as well. After all, we are all here to improve ourselves, right? :)

So enjoy the blog, connect with me if you want, and Merry Christmas everyone!

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