22 January 2011

Contemporary theory and issues in Public Relations

Part of my postgraduate studies in public relations includes the core module “contemporary theory and issues in public relations”. This module explores global and current issues related to the public relations industry and allows me to take a look at the industry from an academic perspective.

Over the next few weeks I will take a closer look at current PR issues that may be interesting to some of you. Style and tone will be slightly changed due to its final assessment through the University of Westminster, in comparison to the other blog entries.

To keep you interested and excited about upcoming posts, check out the following topics I will discuss soon:
  • Is PR being left behind by the new media revolution?
  • What does the ‘public’ in Public Relations mean?
  • NGO and the rise of activism
  • Culture and PR
  • Ethics - Is the PR industry worse than any other?
  • Why do PR’s love a crisis?
…and a few more, so stay tuned and check the blog from time to time, connect with me, RSS me or hit 'refresh' on your browser approximately every 5 days for new content.

Besides the blog being a platform for my own expression and as a portfolio of my work, I would love to see some input from your side. Let's leave the office world for 5 minutes and think what social impact our industry actually has. Let's have discussions and see what we can learn from it. Comment, Retweet, post this on your Facebook.

Thank You.

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